Summit Line Construction is proud to offer a full suite of transmission services capable of creating and executing solutions for the most difficult EHV construction challenges. Summit has the resources necessary to safely complete the largest and most difficult transmission projects from coast to coast. Summit delivers projects safely, on-schedule and inside budget goals.

Whether your projects needs are bundled-conductor 100-mile new construction or energized structure replacements, Summit has the expertise to self-perform all transmission projects. Our civil construction services department makes it possible to self-perform entire projects including steel reinforced drilled concrete caisson foundations. Utilizing environmental best management practices, Summit Line Construction makes every effort to limit its impact and restore the rights-of-way to original or better condition. Relationships are built with private landowners whose satisfaction is always a top priority.

• New Construction• Energized Maintenance

• New Overhead Transmission Construction up to 500kV

• Overhead Transmission Maintenance

• Live-line Maintenance

• Trouble-Shooting & Repair

• Underground Construction

• Emergency Services

• Barehand/Energized

• Foundations

• Helicopters


We have extensive experience with all types of overhead and underground distribution projects from energized pole change outs to reconductoring. Summit Line Construction offers rubber glove and hot stick solutions on all distribution and sub-transmission voltages. We have a proven track record of safely completing:

• Road Widening Projects

• Difficult Access and Backlot Projects

• Overhead and Underground Projects for New Subdivisions

• Street Lighting

• Emergency Storm Restoration Support

Summit Line Construction self-performs all phases of substation construction from greenfield site to project completion including:

• Site Prep

• Drilling

• Concrete Foundations

• Steel Erection

• Transformer Installation

• Gas Breaker Installation

• Bus Welding

• Switch Installation

• Control Cable Wiring

• Air Core Reactors

• Phase Shifting Transformers

• Capacitor Banks

• Dynamic Volt-Amp

• Reactive Compensation Systems

• Static Var Compensators.

Summit Line Construction is capable of performing retrofits to existing substations needing upgrades.

Summit Line Construction identified the need to implement a “Drilling Services Division”. This allows our clients added flexibility in their projects. We currently have (5) drills that have the proven ability to successfully drill and place caisson’s up to 12’ diameter x 80’ deep. Our project history shows the ability to drill through various soils and rock. Our lo-drills allow us the ability to drill with low over-head clearances and in rough terrain thus proving to be a savings for our clients. We are currently licensed and have the ability to use explosives as needed with our drilling; our clients benefit from the ability of a contractor to directly provide all needed services in house from one contractor.

Summit Line Construction is committed to stay on top of industry standards for all drilling requirements and continues to invest in training of employees and leading edge equipment to allow an on time professional product for our customers.

• Caissons

• Foundations

• Exploratory

• Commercial & Industrial Installations

• Roadway & Bridges

• Remote Locations

• Drilling

• Up to 12’ diameter

• Up to 80’ depth

Summit Line Construction also offers a variety of specialized utility services. We are always looking to expand our services and provided the much needed resources within the utility industry. Summit Line Construction:

• Energized Construction & Maintenance

• Underground Distribution Installation & Maintenance

• Fiber Optics & Communication Installation

• Street Lighting

• Foundation Construction

• Design Build