Environmental Management Program (E.S.G)

Prioritizing Renewable Construction and Community Outreach


It is our goal to provide our employees, customers, and communities with top tier construction services with conscious efforts for the reduction of waste and pollution.

Committing to renewable construction practices requires conscious planning and execution of daily operations. We make deliberate efforts to minimize and improve our environment and workplace. We believe E.S.G. is important for the short and long term betterment of our employees, employees families, and the communities where we work.

Our Principles

We’re a group of passionate, motivated individuals working together as a team to produce exceptional, quality beyond compare results.

Supporting Renewable Energy Construction projects
Providing a safe workplace for a diverse workforce
Employee inclusion within our Organizational Culture
The Ethical execution of our operations

Responsibility & Sustainability

Summit Line is committed to long-term corporate responsibility and sustainability for our employees and communities. We work with our customers early in the planning process to allow active reduction of environmental impacts while providing a safe worksite for our employees and other project stakeholders.

As a Quanta West company, SLC is part of a larger effort enabling the development of critical infrastructure for a carbon-neutral future.

Employee Commitment

Our employees are expected to protect and preserve the environment of Summit Line facilities and project sites. It is their responsibility to help eliminate, mitigate, or control costs and delays associated with environmental compliance on projects. When rules, regulations, and guidelines from regulatory agencies, clients, and/or landowners conflict with this standard, the regulation, client, and/or landowner requirements are to be adhered to.

Community Involvement

Summit actively participates in community programs and sponsorships throughout our work area. These include, but are not limited to, supporting academic programs, youth activities, and individual families.

Careers at SLC

Summit Line Construction believes in the services and careers we can provide. We want everyone to know the benefits of working with Summit Line Construction in any capacity.

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