Project Details

Type: Transmission New Build

Voltages (kV): 345 & 500 (both single-circuit)

Miles: 142.8 (5.1 miles – 345 kV & 137.7 – 500 kV)

Number of structures: 551 (33-345 kV & 518-500 kV)

Structure Types: Lattice (500 kV), Steel Pole H-Frames (345 kV), & 3-pole deadend structures.

Location: Wyoming

This project was a part of a larger project bringing renewable power from wind farms in northwest Wyoming to the grid of the southwestern United States. This project was 142.8 miles in length and ran across extreme mountainous terrain. This terrain offered a variety of soil types making drilling operations a challenge. This project consisted of both 345 and 500 kV single-circuit power lines tying into multiple substations. Pier foundations were used throughout the project. A long with Summit Line drilling crews, we worked with specialized drilling contractor the execution of come of the more challenging and technical locations on the project. Aviation (helicopters) contractors were also utilized for much of the wire installation scope.

At its peak this project had over 520 personnel from half a dozen contractors (220 Summit Line Employees). This project had its own separate operations & management team devoted to the successful execution of the scope. This team consisted of project managers, project administrators, project controllers, payroll team, materials managers, QA/QC specialists, fleet manager, service manager and was led by a senior project manager and construction manager.

This projects was successfully completed in 2020. Thank you to all of those involved in this large-scale project!